Emergency sewer blockages and repair services in Newport

Here at Joe Patterson Plumbing, we specialise in providing expert sewer blockages services to customers throughout the Newport area. With over 20 years of proven experience specialising in sewer blockages and repair services, you can count on our professional and experienced team of plumbers to provide a thorough service to locate, clear, and repair your sewer system. 

For a free quote on our expert sewer blockages and repair services, call our sewer specialists today at Joe Patterson Plumbing on 1300SEWERS .

State-of-the-art equipment

Using the latest in state-of-the-art equipment, we have all the skills and expertise you could ever need when it comes to locating and repairing any sewer and drainage issues you are encountering. Equipped with CCTV camera equipment, our specialists will quickly and efficiently locate and diagnose your sewer blockages.

Using the footage collected from this equipment, we will provide you with a detailed survey of the condition of the sewer/ drain in order to deliver an effective and affordable solution to either clear your sewage or repair the damage our equipment found.

If tree roots are the cause of your sewer blockages, we even have a specialist sewer machine designed for this very purpose, along with a high-pressure water unit that will thoroughly clear your drain pipes.

If you need our services to reline your pipes, we also have the expertise and equipment to successfully carry this out with our “no dig approach”. The technology we use when relining pipes focusses on damaged pipes in areas that may be too difficult to gain access to (i.e. under a slab), have limited access for excavation or would destroy the decking in your garden etc.

If you need emergency sewer blockages and repair services, you can always count on the specialists here at Joe Patterson Plumbing. 

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